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Spa Registration

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CONGRATULATIONS: You are a owner of a Sunbelt Spas. Please. turn all your jets on (they can be on or off turning righ and left) when starting your spa for the first time. We are very happy to be part of your life. Now please, register your spa to have your warranty activated and start enjoying life!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Activate your Spa Warranty now.  It is very simple. Send an e-mail to, with a picture of your spa and your Invoice number if you have purchased it from us, if you purchased it from a dealer, send a picture of your hot tub, the Serial Number and your complete information. Name, Address, Phone, e-mail, etc…

We are waiting for beautiful pictures to arrive, maybe if allowed, we can post them in our internal pictures board or on our facebook account (please, send in the e-mail that we are authorized to post the picture).




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