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Where are the speakers on the spa?
On certain Sunbelt Spas models, Sunbelt Spas utilizes the latest in stereo technology to provide Sunbelt Spas with transducer stereo systems. There are actually no speakers on the spa. The component of a speaker designed to generate the sound, a transducer, is mounted to the shell of the spa. These transducers emit sound waves and frequencies that actually turn the shell of the spa into a giant speaker. This technology creates several extra bonus’ to owning. The sound for the stereo can be heard under the water as well as above the water. This also emits the sound on an upward angle so that you won’t bother your neighbors when you really want to turn up the stereo.
What can I do to keep my cover looking better and performing longer?
On a warm dry day stand the cover on end and allow the cover to drain fully of any water that may have accumulated. Using warm soapy water and a clean soft cloth, wipe the entire cover down. Rinse the cover of all soap and allow to fully dry. Treat your cover with a conditioner that includes UV protection. There are several on the market made specifically for spa cover use and are highly recommended. Products such as Armor All, Turtle Wax, and petroleum based cleaners will cause the cover to dry dramatically and crack.
During winter time do I have to drain my spa?
The winter time is often the best time to use your spa. A cold clear night can make the spa feel even better than usual. Keep in mind that your Sunbelt Spa must remain wired and on in the winter months to protect against freezing temperatures. Sunbelt Spas are manufactured with a control pack that protects against freezing and will automatically come on if the water temperature reaches 40 degrees F. Freeze protection is enabled regardless of spa status. In the case that you do want to drain your spa in the winter months remember Sunbelt Spas strongly recommends you get a qualified service company to perform a winterization on the spa. The winterization process includes draining the spa, pumps, lines, and suctions of all water and ensuring that all equipment is free of water. Damages to your hot tub if winterized improperly will result in severe damage to components and is not covered under Sunbelt Spas warranty.
How often do I drain my spa?

Sunbelt Spas recommends that you drain and refill your hot tub every 120 days. Do not hesitate to drain the spa more frequently if needed or wanted. (If water becomes difficult to clean, gritty due to large dirt deposits, clouded with body oils and any other situation that results in hard to maintain water chemistry) See your owner’s manual on complete instructions on draining and filling your Sunbelt Spa.

What is hydrotherapy, and can a spa really help relieve pain from arthritis and muscle aches?
Hydrotherapy is simply muscle therapy through the use of hot water that is bubbling or pulsating. It has been found to be an effective treatment of many types of muscles aches, especially arthritis. In fact, the National Arthritis Foundation recognizes that a daily treatment in a spa may lead to relief from tension, and improve flexibility and range of motion.
Is a spa the same thing as a hot tub?
Yes. The words “spa” and “hot tub” are used interchangeably. Originally, a spa was made of lucite or acrylic, and hot tub out of hardwood. But today, nearly everything is made of acrylic, so both words can be used.
Where can I put my spa?

Deciding where to locate your hot tub should include factors like safety, privacy, esthetics and cost. Below we have included some recommendations for you to utilize when preparing for your upcoming installation.

Anytime you plan to place a permanent structure like your slab and/or deck we recommend mapping the space out and looking at it from every angle of the yard to ensure your final product will be to your liking. The easiest way to do it is to utilize rope to outline or tarp to signify the spot your hot tub will sit, then perform the following:

1.)    Ensure there are no overhead power lines above where the spa will be located. Ten (10’) feet is the guideline for the distance from your spa to any electrical lines, electrical outlets and electrical components. Must meet local, state and federal codes.

2.)    Review the layout of the spa you have purchased and decide which direction you would like to face the spa. Your view from your favorite seat should be one you want to see each time you are relaxing in the spa.

3.)    Privacy when spending time in your hot tub should also play a part in your plan. Remember that the privacy given by plants and trees changes with the seasons.

4.)    Level surface is required for the spa to operate properly. Improperly leveled surface can result in water distribution changes and will void warranty.


What if I want my spa indoors?
When locating your spa indoors, follow National Electric Codes and all other local codes. Proper building materials should be used in the area surrounding and beneath the spa. Any water which splashes or leaks on the floor can cause a slipping hazard. Carpeting around a spa can be damaged by chemically treated water splashing on it. Providing forced air ventilation in the spa room will minimize moisture to the spa room. A ventilation fan will extract humidity and is recommended. Proper water drainage must be provided.
How expensive is it to maintain a spa?

Due to changing energy and gas price throughout the year and throughout our worldwide customer base we recommend checking with your local Sunbelt Spas authorized dealer to establish spa average cost in your area. In our hometown of Houston Texas our customers average spa cost including usage electrical charges and chemical purchases averages between $20 to $30 per month for standard 8’ spas.

Do I need a spa cover?
Yes, your spa is like a pot on the stove. When the cover is removed, the heat starts to rise into the air. The spa will not heat properly without the insulated cover.
Are the jets adjustable?

Each model in our line is assembled with a combination of adjustable and directional jets. This is a feature found, generally, on “better” spas. You can even close some jets to increase water velocity.

What do I clean the spa shell with?
Use a mild, non sudsing, nonabrasive cleaner for most cleaning jobs. Rinse well and dry with a clean cloth. Clean grease, oil, paint, and ink stains with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Do Not get alcohol on wood, as it may discolor in the sunlight. Do not use an abrasive or harsh cleaner on the spa shell.
What chemicals will I need?

Due to water chemistry variance throughout our worldwide customer base we highly recommend you working with your local Sunbelt Spas authorized dealer in order to establish a water chemistry regimen that is specific to your region.

Do I need to take care of any special plumbing needs?
No. Sunbelt Spas come completely pre-fabricated, including built in heating and filtration systems. Just drop your hose in the spa and within a few hours, you’re ready to go!
How do I protect plumbing and motor when spa is drained for winter or extremely cold climate?

Due to the expansive nature of water in its solid form of ice we recommend the hot tub winterization process to be preformed by a spa technician or professional service technician. We have outlined below the standard procedures for winterization but should remind you that cold weather provides some of the most enjoyable hot water settings throughout the year. Damages to your hot tub if winterized improperly will result in severe damage to components and is not covered under Sunbelt Spas warranty.

Electrical Requirements

Due to fluxes of electrical codes and individual installation requirements throughout our customer base you are required to get accurate electrical guidelines and requirements from your local Sunbelt Spas authorized dealers. Most 8’ and under Sunbelt spas require a 60 amp dedicated GFCI breaker and you can contact Sunbelt Spas directly to get further information.