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Why Sunbelt Spas?

Here at Sunbelt, we don’t just make spas, we own them and use them. When we add another feel-good feature to our spas, we know it really does feel good because we’ve felt if for ourselves. Just like you, we have our daily share of aches and pains, and when we say a Sunbelt Spa soothes the body, we can say it with confidence because we’ve been soothed ourselves. Other spa makers are portable spa factories with limited options. We are a real life spa provider- building your spa for your lifestyle.

At Sunbelt Spas, we are committed to providing you with the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. A treat for body and mind, a treatment for aches and pains. Swirling aqua-massage, aroma therapy, stereo sound, and lighting to suit your mood… we engage all the senses to give you full-body, full-mind stress relief that rejuvenates, exuberates, and leaves a heavenly, “good all over” feeling that lasts and lasts. Nothing else that feels so good is so good for you.

A Sunbelt Spa adds pleasure to your life, benefits to your health, and value to your home. We make them better to satisfy us, the better to satisfy you.

Sunbelt has been building spas since 1979. With over 35 years of experience, we’ve learned a thing or two about giving our customers what they want, which is why we offer over 50 different designs, each with unique seating arrangements and jet combinations.

Each of our spas is crafted to the highest standards of workmanship. We use only the finest materials and components available. For our customers, nothing else will do.

When we design a spa, whether it’s an intimate spa for 2 or a spacious 8-seater, we concentrate on one thing: giving you the very finest spa experience possible, in as many different ways as possible. Ergonomic seating design assures your ultimate comfort and satisfaction, no matter where you happen to be sitting in the spa.

Every seating arrangement is carefully thought out so each individual has their own uncrowded space from head to toe. Jet types and placement are carefully considered to give each seat its own unique “feel” and range of massage sensations. We expect people to move around in our spas, sampling each seat and savoring the different flavors of massage from neck and shoulders, to back and thighs, calves, ankles and feet. From deep penetrating back massage and the foot-pleasing turbulence of a volcanic geyser jet to the airy flutter of a neck-and shoulders waterfall, Sunbelt Spas are dedicated to your total body pleasure.

Sunbelt Hot Tubs began as a Houston-based retail store known as Designer Spas & Baths in 1979. It rapidly became one of the largest spa retailers in the USA with several locations. In 1981, to stabilize the ever-changing product in the retail stores, Sunbelt Spas began to manufacture their own line of spas. The sales volume generated by Sunbelt Spas as it was called that time soon equaled the sales brought in by the retail stores.

The arrangement continued until 1990 when Designer Spas & Baths was sold to allow full effort to be focused on increasing the wholesale portion of the company. At that time, Sunbelt Hot Tubs moved to a new location in a pleasant business park with a large showroom. The showroom was open exclusively to dealers and their customers.

Just when it seemed that Sunbelt had reached the limit of its growth potential, opportunity knocked in the form of Aquatic Industries. Sunbelt had been purchasing spa shells from Aquatic Industries as part of the continuing product improvement program, and in 1996 Aquatic Industries offered to sell the molds and equipment to Sunbelt.

Sunbelt Spas Europe produces state of the art 50 Hz portable spas for European markets. Sunbelt Spas provides hot tubs for customers spanning the globe, including: Costa Rica, Columbia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Israel, Martinique, Germany, Holland, Norway, Netherlands, Korea, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Ireland and Japan.

In middle 2017 a new group of investors acquired the company and start redesigning it for its future. On its first 6 months under this new management company almost doubled in size and new models and state of art technology is incorporate in its spas. The new Sunbelt Hot Tubs is formed  with an even much better product than ever.

But as product is nothing without servcie, a service / parts and warranty department was created in order to attend the fast and growing demand of our clients in update and understand how to use the full potential of their hot tubs.

As Sunbelt Hot Tubs moves into the future, plans are to continue expanding sales, offering the latest top-of-the-line spa features, and keeping our products at the forefront of the spa industry. As a dynamic and growing company, Sunbelt Spas looks forward to the challenges the future will bring. We are ready for it.


We employ approximately 150 full time employees, and have an immediate need for talented, team-oriented professionals.

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